Sing Play Grow!
Sing, Play, Grow! is the music education & entertainment business owned and operated by Philip Alexander, whose mission is to help young children discover the magic of making music. Sing, Play, Grow! offers an excellent program of early childhood music and movement classes in the town of Brookline, Massachusetts.  In these unique classes children and their parents or caregivers sing along with real live guitar, ukulele, harmonica and African drum; play all kinds of percussion instruments; explore creative movement and dance; and engage with multi-sensory props. The goal is to grow each child’s musical potential in a fun, creative, and nurturing environment. With over 12 years of experience as a teacher and performer, Philip Alexander makes music and movement come alive for children. Based on current research which shows that active music making benefits children’s development in the areas of language acquisition, gross motor coordination, and socialization, Sing, Play, Grow! is a joyous way for children and the adults who love them to bond with laughter, love, and music! "Philip is very excited and enthusiastic!  He makes it fun to come to class and easy to engage and be active." - Kristen M, www.singplaygrow.com
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