Ellen Hammond
Ellen is a former copy editor and proofreader of three years for a Boston-based online youth Bible study tool. Before that she contributed mind-muscle to upstart projects like designing a national youth conference and a college internship program. A firm believer that we are never alone, and that the people around us are our greatest resource, all things community clearly takes the cake for her. She is most likely to be found cooking, crafting, dictionary diving, volunteering, and caring for animals in her "spare time."
If she had a theme song, the chorus would be: "No one is ever too busy to give someone a smile, a hug, or say thank you." Reaching out by saying hi to a stranger in a grocery store, or wherever, is fostering community. Always surprised by the kindness of others, she believes people are continuously seeking new opportunities to do good. She feels privileged to be able to witness the dedication, goodness and awesomeness of Massachusetts communities and its members every day.
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