Team Brookline Application Deadline Approaching

The Brookline Community Mental Health Center will be collecting applications for another few days.

If you're gathering steam for the marathon, but not in the mood to train alone, you could always join a team--such as Team Brookline, although time for that is running out.

The deadline for non-profits to join Team Brookline's application process is coming up: Oct. 24, which is this Wednesday. Interested runners can still apply.

The town receives a group of marathon racing numbers, or waivers, each year. Under the new program, a managing organization would recruit, train and support runners from a number of non-profit organizations from Brookline--including their own. The aim is to make a more community-wide program. 

The minimum fundraising requirement for runners is $5,000. Money will go to the non-profit organizations, as well covering the costs of running the team. 

The Team plans to hire a coach who will create individual running plans for team members, as well as organizing regular runs leading up to the big race. Runners will also have the option to run in a half-marathon before the big race, which will let them guage their training progress.

Interested applicants, either runners or non-profit organizations, can download an application at the Brookline Center website. These applications must be in by the close of business on Oct. 24. 

See the full announcement on the Brookline Town website:

Deadline for Team Brookline Non-Profit Application is Wednesday, October 24

Brookline-based non-profit organizations interested in being part of Team Brookline, the Town’s expanded Boston Marathon charity team, have until the close of business on Wednesday, October 24, 2012, to submit an application.

Brookline recently approved a plan to create a new marathon program that will benefit up to five not-for-profit organizations that are based in and primarily serve the Brookline community. The innovative “Team Brookline” structure will create a first-ever town-wide team and foster collaboration among local non-profits.  Applications are available online at http://www.brooklinecenter.org/marathon 

Participating organizations will recruit runners and supply volunteers for Team Brookline activities such as the race day cheering stations. Each runner will commit to raising a minimum of $5,000 for one of the participating organizations; team expenses will be shared by the participating organizations and team sponsorship will benefit all participating organizations, as well.

Applications for runners interested in being part of the Team are also available online and are accepted on a rolling basis.

For applications and more information, please visit Team Brookline online at http://www.brooklinecenter.org/marathon 

[Correction: A previous version of this story indicated the deadline was endinf for runners and non-profits, instead of just non-proifts. This has been fixed. 9:10 a.m.]


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