Boston Marathon 2011: Live Updates and Photos from Newton's Heartbreak Hill

Stay with Patch throughout the day today to see the faces of runners and the crowd along one of the most famous spots on the route.

Updated 3/19/11, 2:05 p.m.: Newton resident , who ran yesterday's marathon to raise awareness for Donate Life New England, shared her Boston Marathon experience with Patch in an e-mail sent Tuesday afternoon:

Yesterday's race was a bit tough for me. Even by mile five I was feeling tired, not a good sign for a 26.2 mile footrace. I just tried to maintain a good pace for as long as I could and then I had to slow things down when the running became really difficult. Along the course, especially when it was a real struggle, I thought about stopping and calling it a day. Yet, thinking about those close to me suffering with health issues, and that on average 20 people were going to die in just that day waiting for a transplant, made the leg fatigue seem like such a minor complaint. Moreover, I knew I could not go home that day and tell my older son that I did not finish because I gave-up, there was just no way.  I finished the race and barely qualified for Boston next year. I am considering this a rebuilding year but a very fulfilling experience nonetheless.

5:10 p.m. Here are the top finishers from Newton courtesy of the BAA website:

Gregory Picklesimer, 44, finished in 2:39:40, placing 20 in his division, 183 among males and 206 overall. Picklesimer averaged a 6:06 mile.

Lawrence Aller, 32, finished in 2:44:56, placing 260 in his division, 313 among males and 343 overall. Aller averaged a 6:18 mile.

Mark Maggi, 27, finished in 2:47:27, placing 326 in his division, 403 among males and 439 overall. Maggi averaged a 6:23 mile.

Thomas Szumita, 36, finished in 2:53:08, placing 540 in his division, 706 among males and 757 overall. Szumita averaged a 6:36 mile.

Jaime Kreider, 42, finished in 2:54:55, placing 116 in his division, 847 among males and 908 overall. Kreider averaged a 6:41 mile.

Bernie O'Reilly, 48, finished in 2:58, placing 84 in his division, 1133 among males and 1216 overall. O'Reilly averaged a 6:48 mile.

Beth Coughlin, 32, finished in 3:01:10, placing 100 in her division, 115 among females and 1,657 overall. Coughlin averaged a 6:55 mile.

Adam Young, 31, finished in 3:04:39, placing 1,320 in his division, 1,930 among males and 2,080 overall. Young averaged a 7:03 mile.

Avigdor Book, 34, finished in 3:05:21, placing 1,383 in his division, 2,932 among males and 2,189 overall. Book averaged a 7:04 mile.

Kevin Hill, 38, finished in 3:07:52, placing 1,585 in his division, 2,354 among males and 2,551 overall. Hill averaged a 7:10 mile. 

5:15 p.m. Many of the MBTA Framingham/Worcester Commuter Rail trains, which pass through Newton, are delayed today because of a large amount of passengers from both the Marathon and Red Sox game. Most trains delayed between 15 and 30 minutes. Make sure you check the MBTA website for updates on the delays before heading out.

4:48 p.m. Here are the finishing times for those Project Hope runners from Newton:

Heather Caminetsky finished in 4:25:42, placing 1,288 in her division, 8,138 among females and 20,033 overall.

Marc Caminetsky finished in 4:46:34, placing 2,446 in his division, 12,738 among males and 21,757 overall.

Norman Lang finished in 5:03:34, placing 1,063 in his division, 13,195 among males and 22,642 overall.

Tom Coleman finished in 4:16:11, placing 2,239 in his division, 11,372 among males and 18,852 overall.

Ron Golub finished in 4:29:01, placing 2,353 in his division, 12,080 among males and 20,410 overall.

Mimi Golub finished in 4:01:25, placing 827 in her division, 6,069 among females and 16,457 overall. 

3:04 p.m. We've got updates for some of our Newton , who were featured on Newton Patch last week.

Heather Caminetsky, 47, of Newton, has reached the 35K mark in 3:38:46. 
Marc Caminetsky, 49, of Newton, reached the 35K in 3:49:39.
Norman Lang, 57, of Chestnut Hill has reached the 35K mark in 4:06:00.
Tom Coleman, 46, of Newton has reached the 40K (just under 25 miles) mark in 4:00:19.
Ron Golub, 47, of Newton reached the 40K mark in 4:14:42.
Mimi Golub, 46, of Newton, reached the 40K mark in 3:48:35. 

2:50 p.m. Still large groups of runners powering up Heartbreak Hill, including a few in costume (Batman, Superman, gorillas, hamburgers...) 

Newton's , who is running for Donate Life New England, crossed the finish line today in 3:44:30, finishing 11,748 overall, 2,373 in her division and 3,371 among other female runners. 

12:31 p.m. Large groups of both men and women have reached the hill. Lots of applause from the crowd and support as a few stop over for water.

12:03 p.m. Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai has won the Boston Marathon -- and set a new world record at 2:03:01. There was a battle for first place among the women's elite runners, with Kenyan Caroline Kilel narrowly besting American Desiree Davila by three seconds, finishing in 2:22:36.

11:38 a.m. The frontrunners in the men's elite group have reached our spot here near the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Grant Avenue. A few wheelchairs are still making their way up the hills as well, reaching a wall of applause and cheering as they pass the crowds. 

11:26 a.m. Most of the wheelchairs have reached the last Newton hill and we are starting to see the front of the pack of the elite women runners. 

10:32 a.m. Newton Patch Local Editor Melanie Graham has set up at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Grant Avenue in the Newton hills. About a dozen of the men's wheelchair participants have passed through as well as some of the ladies' wheelchair leaders. 

Many patrons have started to set up chairs on the side of Commonwealth Avenue to cheer on those in the race. A large group of Boston College students are also lining the side of the road.


It's the spot on the route everyone knows by name and quite possibly the most difficult 0.4 miles any Boston Marathon runner will face today: Heartbreak Hill.

Newton Patch is bringing you live coverage today from the side of Heartbreak Hill with photos of runners, pictures from the crowd and local athelete updates. 

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