POLL: What's the Best Preschool or Day Care in Brookline? [REVISED]

The second in our series of "Best of Patch Readers' Choice" contests. Vote in the poll, defend your choice in the comments, and come back Friday at noon to find out the winner.

[Update: Because of the huge number of write-in votes, we added the to the list. 12:16 a.m. Wednesday]

Editor's Note: Thanks to a lot of feedback from the comments, e-mails, and social networking sites, we have revised the poll with more targeted choices. However, because of the sheer selection and quantity of the pre-school and day care centers in Brookline, we sampled just a few (this also keeps the poll from being overwhelming).

That does not by any means imply that you cannot vote for those places beyond the list. Simply leave a comment below the poll (to make it more obvious, use the word "vote" somewhere in that comment). 

These polls are still not scientific. When the decision is made at the end of the week, the decision is not made by poll results alone: comments and reviews on the listings count too. Make noise for your favorite pre-school or day care! Tell your friends to vote, spread the word on your Facebook or Twitter account, and remind the parents you see when you're picking up your kids. 

The original poll is attached, and closed at the same time as the new poll opened. The oiginal text of this article is below as well. 


[Editor's Note: We are currently working on a revised version of the poll more inclusive of options people have since suggested. It seems the question of best day care/pre-school is a lot more complex than originally thought. In the meantime, please make comments, let us know who should not be missed out. 2:04 p.m.]

Last week we started our series of week-long "Best of Patch Readers' Choice" contests. The first category was .

This week the category is: Best Day Care/pre-school.

Here's how it works. Vote in the poll below. Add comments supporting your decision and influencing other Brookline residents to see that you're right, after all. .

The poll closes at 9 a.m. Friday. Because this poll isn't scientific, it isn't the sole consideration in choosing a winner. The winner will be determined by the Patch editor (that's me, ), based on poll results, comments on this story and reviews on Patch Places. Please vote only once per survey.

And now, the nominees, along with links to their Patch Places pages:

If we missed one (which is possible, as I don't frequent these businesses), urge some votes in the comments. 

We'll announce the winner at noon on Friday. The winner gets bragging rights and a framed certificate from Patch. Let the voting and commenting begin!

[Editor's note: We started off calling the contest "Best of Brookline" and have changed it to "Best of Patch Readers' Choice." It's the same contest, just with a name that's more descriptive.]

Jeff Lasky March 08, 2012 at 05:26 PM
My wife runs Little Feet Daycare, littlefeetdaycare.com, a toddler program, out of our Brookline Village home. The are usually three teachers for ten children. She has a music program, an art program, lots of puzzles, books, building toys, and toys for imaginary play, and a private 1,800 square foot toddler playground. The children are fed home-cooked meals, prepared almost exclusively with organic ingredients. There are other fine home daycare programs in Brookline. - Jeff Lasky
Kimberley Lipsey-Michelson March 09, 2012 at 12:22 AM
Our youngest daughter attends TCEE at Temple Ohabie Shalom, she loves going to school and being a part of such a warm and loving community. We have experienced other pre-schools with our two other children therefore have the luxury of being able to compare schools. TCEE offers everything that we could hope for in a school for our daughter; experienced, warm and caring teachers, a comfortable, flexible and relaxed environment, a new, modern and clean facility, not to mention a warm and close knit community. It would be impossible for her to be happier or more comfortable at any other school. We love TCEE.
Eun Kyung Lee March 09, 2012 at 01:53 AM
We were quite worried when our 2.9 yr old son started TCEE at Temple Ohabei Shalom a year ago. He spoke no English, was not toilet-trained, and was very resistant to change. Now..? He giggles with his friends, participates in all the activities (he was quite outsider in the beginning), and loves to sing songs in Hebrew and English (We are Korean!) We whole heartedly agree with all the good things mentioned above on TCEE already, and we just want to add one more. One of their great philosophy is that while having broad developmental goals and frequent milestones, every child's own pace is respected with much patience and individual attention - it feels like the program was tailored for our child.
Joanna Gilman March 09, 2012 at 09:42 PM
I have two sons who attend the TCEE (Trust Center for Early Education at Temple Ohabei Shalom) and have been so very pleased with their experience there. The teachers are wonderful, the facilities are great, the programs are thoughtful, but the best part is that all of those things have led to my sons loving to go to school! A wonderful, warm introduction to the joys of school.
Susan Snyder March 10, 2012 at 12:28 PM
Our daughter is completing her second year at the Trust Center for Early Education (TCEE) at Temple Ohabei Shalom. It has been without a doubt an amazing introduction to school by a group of committed and caring educators and administrators. We feel that we are already beginning to reap the benefits of their nurturing approach. Our daughter loves to learn and has really gained a lot of confidence as a result! Wonderful community as well!


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