Town Meeting Results - Day 3

Articles passed at the last night's Town Meeting.

During last night's town meeting, the remaining were wrapped up and voted on. During last week's Town Meetings, , and were discussed and voted on.

  • Article 11 - the snow clearing article. failed at a vote of 2 - 180.
  • Article 19 - Holding the Transportation Board to a Design Review Process. The article was replaced with an Advisory Committee version, which passed 176 - 4.
  • Article 20 - The  failed under majority vote
  • Article 21 - Resolution to remove Brookline from Norfolk County. Town Meeting voted to delete paragraphs 3 and 4, and then carried 158-20
  • Article 22 - A motion to pay $25,000 to the MBTA for a drain installed at the Brookline Village station. Motion carried unanimously

Town Meeting is now over until the Fall Town Meeting. Expect full coverage of the article discussions as the day progresses. 


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