Tobacco Sales Banned from Pharmacies and Educational Institutions

After a Brookline High Schooler speaks in support, Brookline's Town Meeting votes in a bylaw aimed at taking tobacco products off pharmacy shelves.

Following a , Brookline's new bylaw will . 

Petitioner Tommy Vitolo, a precinct 1 town meeting member, said that Brookline joins 21 other communities in the commonwealth with similar regulations. He attempted to model the Brookline version of the ban on that of neighboring Boston, "mostly because Boston’s has not yet been challenged in court."

Brookline High schooler Tharindu Weeresinghe told a story of a close friend who had a promising educational career ahead, but began smoking in middle school. He said tobacco acted as a gateway, leading this friend to other drugs. 

"I know my friend's incident is not an isolated incident." Weeresinghe said, "He was my friend--he was one of my close friends. I know you have kids, and grandkids. It could have been your kid, it could have been your grandkid. Our future is in your hands."

He added that the ban blocks sales from the two locations students are most likely to purchase ciagerettes. This leaves gas stations and liquor stores as locations. Weeresinghe noted that the latter, liquor stores, are places that students typically don't have the courage to enter to purchase cigarettes.

Selectman Ken Goldstein, speaking for the Board of Selectmen in favor of the article, observed that it sends a "mixed message" to sell tobacco products in the front of a pharmacy, and sell medicine to cure their damage in the rear. He called this ban the first step on a long journey.

Bill November 17, 2011 at 06:45 AM
Been that way in Boston for a decade or more. Nanny Land didn't jump on all this back then?


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