Special Town Meeting Results: Day One

At last night's Special Town Meeting, the Town Meeting Members heard and voted on the first eight warrant articles. Here is how they voted.

At Brookline's Special Town Meeting, votes were taken on the first eight articles of .

  • Article 1: Unpaid bills. Passed, unanimously voted.
    One unpaid bill, voted to pay. 
  • Article 2: Collective bargaining. Passed, unanimously voted.
    No collective bargaining contracts to approve.
  • Article 3: Fiscal year 2012 budget amendment. Passed, voted 198 to 2.
  • Article 4: . Failed. Unanimously.
  • Article 5: . Passed, 181 to 35. 3 abstain.
    No amendments passed. 
  • Article 6: . Passed, 200 to 24. 
  • Article 7: . Passed
  • Article 8: . Passed, 106 to 97. 2 abstain

Check back with Patch later today for coverage on these discussions. Brookline's Town Meeting returns tonight, picking up at the article, 9.


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