Sagewell Imaging in Brookline

Green Homes Brookline looks to incorporate Sagewell Thermal Imaging into the program's brand.

As the fall season starts, and temperatures begin to drop, do you know how much heat is escaping your home?

The Board of Selectmen met with a representative from Sagewell, Inc., a thermal imaging company whose work may illuminate that question, and the work of the Green Homes Brookline partnership. 

"The concept is very simple: to give homeowners a visual assessment of the energy leaking out of the envelope of their home," explained Tim D'Souza, a representative from Sagewell, inc. 

The program sends a vehicle with thermal imaging equipment out onto public roads and scans houses as it passes, a process which can take three or four days. D'Souza told the Selectmen that they had gathered this information during colder months, when temperatures inside homes would be between 25 and 30 degrees warmer than outside.

Sagewell's thermal imaging vehicles have already scanned many Brookline homes with its thermal cameras, and has done so independently of Green Homes Brookline. At no cost, home owners can access the thermal imaging photos on Sagewell's website. 

Selectman Dick Benka noted that he had requested his scans, and the images of his house indicated they were taken in April.

Said Benka, "It's a wonderful graphic demonstration of where there are issues."

Sagewell can then provide homeowners with more information on how to seal some of the leaks, and make their homes green. This is the kind of information Green Homes Brookline is already supplying. 

In a memo to the Selectmen, Senior Planner for the town Lara Curtis Hayes explained, "Green Homes Brookline is well-suited to work with Sagewell on such promotions, and these images may encourage residents to move forward with insulation and air-sealing work."

At the end of July, Green Homes Brookline weatherized its 200th house which means there may be some homes in town already showing up cooler on thermal scans. 

See the full press release and more information on the Sept. 10 article about Sagewell.


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