President Obama Picks Kerry as Secretary of State Choice

President Barrack Obama announced John Kerry is his choice to be Secretary of State Friday.


If President Barack Obama has his way, Massachusettts Senator John Kerry will replace Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State

Obama nominated Kerry for position Friday after much speculation that the Massachusetts senator was his choice for the position.

If Kerry is appointed, an interim senator will be named to the position before a special election can be held.

There is also speculation that Senator Scott Brown (R-Wrentham) will run for the senate after losing the general election in November to Elizabeth Warren.

A Vietnam War veteran, Kerry has served on the Foreign Relations Committee for 27 years and has been the chairman for the last six years.

"He is not going to need a lot of on-the-job training," said Obama in making the nomination.

Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh weighed in on the appointment Friday.

“Massachusetts is once again proud of John Kerry. He has had one of the most distinguished careers of anyone who has set foot on the floor of the U.S. Senate. He has always been there for Massachusetts, securing funding for important projects, fighting for a clean environment and being a leader of our very high-profile delegation. While at the same time, continuing a long tradition of Massachusetts’ statesmen in the Senate, John Kerry has been on the front lines of war and peace issues and he will make a superb Secretary of State.

“After Sen. Kerry gets confirmed for the position, I am sure we will have a spirited primary and Democrats will win the special election because we have the best ideas and the best grassroots organization to deliver those ideas.”

For more on this story go to: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/21/john-kerry-nomination-_n_2346827.html


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