POLL: What Do You Think About Plans to Shrink the U.S. Military?

The defense budget will be cut by 8 percent in President Obama's plan to make a smaller, leaner military.

President Obama announced plans to make the United States military leaner Thursday, which will require reduction in the number of troops and cuting the Pentagon's budget.

The U.S. military budget will be cut by $480 billion, or 8 percent, over the next decade, according to an agreement between Congress and the White House made in August, the Washington Post reported. The number of soldiers in the U.S. Army would be reduced from 560,000 to 490,000, according to the New York Times

The change would mean the military would be reduced to the pre-Sept. 11, 2001 size, and would mean the U.S. could no longer fight two major wars at once, the New York Times reports. The U.S. would continue to have the largest military budget in the world, Obama said, and would be bigger as the next 10 countries combined.

You can take a crack at making your own military budget on this page designed by the New York Times.

The Times' Pentagon correspondent, Elisabeth Bumiller, discussed the cuts on The Brian Lehrer Show, on public radio station WNYC.


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