POLL: Should Scott Brown Agree to More Senate Debates?

Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren has agreed to more debates than the Republican senator and has called on Brown to agree to more.

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has criticized Republican Sen. Scott Brown for not agreeing to more televised debates leading up to the Massachusetts Senate election.

Warren wants to have four televised debates, and the two have agreed to one at UMass Lowell co-hosted by the Boston Herald, as well as one hosted by WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller.

Warren would like to see debates in other parts of the state, including Central Massachusetts and today she agreed to one in New Bedford hosted by the SouthCoast Alliance. She has accepted the invitation a debate in Worcester, which would be sponsored by the Colleges of Worcester Consortium, the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the Telegram and Gazette.

Sen. Brown's campaign countered that he has agreed to six debates, including two radio debates which Warren has not accepted. The six debates are the most by an incumbent, his campaign was quoted as saying in a Boston Herald article.

So far, Brown has not agreed to a debate at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute which would be hosted by Victoria Kennedy, the widow of the late senator. Brown demanded that Kennedy agree to remain neutral in the race.

Along with the two TV debates, Brown has accepted debates on WTKK radio with talk show hosts Jim Braude and Margery Eagan, and with WBZ Radio with  talk show host Dan Rea.

What do you think? Should Sen. Brown agree to more debates? Vote in the poll and comment below.

Bill Davidson July 10, 2012 at 07:34 PM
I want to change my vote from "yes" to "other." I voted "yes" without reading the whole article. Brown has agreed to four televised debates, but only two have been agreed to by both candidates. I'm sure they can compromise on the details for the other two. If not, it does not bode well for their potential success in ending Senate gridlock.
MoonBeamWatcher August 23, 2012 at 12:53 AM
With Scott Brown's history in DC, I want to have my opinions voiced! We the UNenrolled voter sent Brown to DC to message Beacon Hill and both sides of the aisle in dc. 9% approval is overrated! Ms. Warren talks about education which is BS. Americas' need is JOBS! Our children can not find work and are assuming more debt for additional education and STILL CAN'T SECURE JOBS, and must have 2 resumes one so they can work at Home Depot, the other with all the Letters for their professional work opportunities . . . Voted Obama, but know better, much better after 3.5yrs!


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