Poll: Massachusetts Voters Say No to Cuts in Fiscal Cliff Talks

Instead, those polled say, increase taxes on the rich and end corporate subsidies.

As Congress wrestles with how to avoid the imminent fiscal cliff, a poll finds that Massachusetts voters strongly favor increased taxes on the rich, less corporate welfare and no cuts in social security, Medicare or Medicaid.

"I think that this survey really gives us a clear view of voters expectations of their elected officials," said Jason Stephany of MassUniting, a coalition of community groups, neighborhoods, faith organizations and workers advocating for good jobs, corporate accountability.

MassUniting conducted the poll along with Public Policy Polling. It was conducted from Nov. 27-29 and included 638 Massachusetts voters. 

"Essentially, the big thing that this poll tells us is that this election was not a fluke or a one-off thing," Jim Williams of Public Policy Polling said.

The top priorities for Massachusetts voters continue to be "job creation, deficit reduction and affordable health care," he added. 

By strong margins, voters support raising revenue rather than cutting services. When asked whether those making more than $250,000 should pay more in taxes, 61 percent said yes. 

When asked if Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid should be cut, 73 percent said no. Upward of 77 percent support eliminating oil subsidies and corporate tax loopholes, and 76 percent said Congress should pass meaningful legislation to support job creation. 

And if Congress doesn't reach an agreement, a plurality of Bay State voters—42 percent—would blame Republicans. But Democrats wouldn't entire escape blame; 28 percent would blame the Dems and 27 percent of those polled said both parties would be equally to blame.

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MoonBeamWatcher December 20, 2012 at 04:01 PM
I could never grasp the illogical notion of borrowing myself out of debt!? The gall to suggest that Social Security be cut to cover the unBELIEVABLE debt is insane! I am still trying to figure out how a reduction in SS payroll contributions was good!? Logically which is outside the politicians scope of understanding if you reduce collections instead of raising the SS Cap and let the likes of a Baseball player to only pay SS on $125,000 instead of maybe $500,000 of his 5 million salary somebody is getting screwed and it's not the ball player! On another front if you loose your $700 a week job and get Food Stamps, Unemployment, cell phones, Health Care and housing subsidies worth over $3000 a month what is the insentive to secure work other than under the table? So . . . the bright eyed and busshie tailed reps in DC think it of Christian heart to cut aid to the aged and infirm to give to the young and beautiful people . . . Only in AmeriKa boyz and goils!


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