Patch Clips: Two New Brookline Police Officers Sworn In

There are two new officers in the Brookline Police Department.

Brookline Police Chief Daniel O'Leary and Town Clerk Pat Ward swore in two new police officers in front of the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday, February 26. 

Brian Bridges and Oscar Santos began their entrance exams two years ago and underwent rigorous training for 21 weeks in a barracks in New Braintree. The two cadets graduated from the Academy on February 15.

Officers Bridges and Santos will begin their training assignments, shadowing two officers around town, on Thursday.

Santos, 28, from Honduras went to Chelsea High School. Santos was working for an IT company previous to his acceptance into the Academy.

Brian Bridges, 39, went to Milton High School and earned an associates degree in applied sciences from Massasoit.

Both officers and their families live in Brookline.

“We appreciate the time and thought that goes into hiring officers,” Selectmen Betsy Dewitt said. “We want to support the families because they are a major support system. They are giving a gift to the town.”

“If you are good enough for Chief O’Leary, you are certainly good enough for us,” Selectmen Ken Goldstein said. “You’re both Brookline residents, which is a great characteristic that you want to live here and work here. It shows great dedication that you decided to make your homes and your careers here.”


Both officer’s wives had the honor of pinning their badges to them, as seen in the video.



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