Jesse Mermell on Brookline's Mobile Food Truck Program

Selectman Jesse Mermell's column on BostonInno explains more of the thinking behind the Brookline Mobile Food Truck Pilot

Brookline's Selectmen , but the locations have yet to be finalized. In a column posted on BostInno earlier today, Selectman Jesse Mermell expanded on the , and how she thinks the program can succeed in Brookline. 

It's important, she writes in the piece, for Brookline not to simply clone the Boston program, but to learn from it and apply lessons that will make it a success in Brookline. The important points, she feels, are: locations, the ability to create clusters of food trucks, the ability to expand on the program, and the flexibility to respond to feedback. 

Read the full column on BostInno's website

With the regulations approved, . The is currently accepting applications for the program, through Feb. 24

Mermell was also recently included in the Improper Bostonian's 20 most desirable bachelors/bachelorettes list, and was named 2011's Top Elected Tweeter by WRKO at the end of last year. Earlier this year, she also squashed rumors that .


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