Fourth Congressional Race Picks Up Fall River Republican

Dentist David Steinhof from Fall River announced

The race to replace retiring Barney Frank has grown again, as Republican David Steinhof, a dentist from Fall River, begins a run on the campaign trail. 

A story appeared on the Boston Globe and the Attleboro Sun Chronicle earlier today announcing Steinhof's run. 

From Steinhof's website

People often ask why, as a dentist, I would consider running for office.  The answer is simple.  Our government is broken.  Each and every day I see the enormous stress my patients have to endure in this current economy.  We have all had to tighten our belts while our government continues to spend money we just don’t have. 

Steinhof will be running against fellow Republicans,  and Brookline School Committee member Elizabeth Childs, and against Democrats of and .


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