Fire Department Injury Leave Showing Decrease

Following last year's concerning spike, the Fire Department's injury leave is down by about 77 percent.

Tours of injury leave are down for the fire department, nearly 77 percent from the first half of fiscal 2012, Fire Chief Paul Ford said in a memo to the Board of Selectmen. 

Ford's memo added that there were 16 more tours of injury leave in the first half of FY12 than during the same period of FY11. When comparing the latter halfs of those years, the department found that FY12 showed 90 tours fewer. 

Even with the positive changes, the department's Personnel budget did require a reserve fund transfer of $70,000, which the Board of Selectmen approved at last night's meeting--the request will now go before the Advisory Committee.

This is down from the memo's intial request of $100,000, because of final payroll numbers for FY2012. This is also a significant decrease from projections  indicated the fire personnel budget could go over by as much as $200,000 to $250,000 because of a spike in injury leave.

The initial report was brought forward by interim Fire Chief John Green, who said this should not fall on then-; he will be made aware of the situation, but "will have other things on his plate."


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