DPW Geared Up For a Long, Snowy Weekend

The DPW is prepared for this weekend's blizzard.

“We’re in for a long weekend,” DPW Commissioner Andrew Pappastergion said. “But we know what’s coming, so we’ll be ready to go.”

Pappastergion said that the number one concern with this impending storm is tree branches and power outages. “People should be prepared for power outages through town,” Pappastergion said. “With high winds and heavy snow, the potential to lose power is a factor.”

Pappastergion said that the DPW will spend all weekend cleaning the snow off of the roads. Monday will be a snow removal day to get rid of snow banks in parking lots. 

“The timing on this storm couldn’t be better,” Pappastergion said. “Everyone should be home from work and off of the roads by the time the heavy stuff starts.”


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