Brookline Officers Commended, Officer of the Year Named

Several Brookline police officers were commended, while a group of Student Officers were appointed at last night's Board of Selectmen's meeting.

Brookline's seven new student officers have a high bar set by the seven officers commended at last night's Board of Selectmen's meeting.  

Police Chief Daniel O'Leary noted that Brookline saw one of the lowest crime rates in the last 30 years. He ascribes that to the "numerous acts of excellent police work by our officers." 

O'Leary then named Detective Matthew McDonnell the 2011 Police Officer of the Year, as he was given a commendation bar with one star.

Per the Awards Board, Liuetenant Andrew Lipson received a two-star commendation bar. Patrol Officer Peter Muise, Detective Carlos Crespo and Detective Kieth Lacy each earned a Commendation Medal. The Chief also recognized Patrol Officers Russel O'Neill and with Military Activation medals for their service overseas. 

Said Selectman Dick Benka, "As I’m reading the reports, I’m seeing the names of my daughter’s classmates, her teammates, or siblings of her teammates. I'm glad to see the commitment you have made to the community, and to the safety of the community."

Many of the officers commended were being recognized for actions outside of their immediate specialties, Selectman Ken Goldstein observed. 

"You're all baby-faces. You’re all kids." He added, saying "We have many years of top-quality policework in our future."

The Selectmen also voted to appoint seven new Student Officers, who will begin service on May 30: Jonathan Showalter, Russell Lloyd, Joshua LeMey, Mishelle Lawlor, Richard Regan, Rafaela Carlisle Swedberg and Estifanos Zeia-Misgun. Four of the seven are graduates.


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