Brookline Legislators React to Patrick's Budget Plan

Legislators weighed in on Patrick's budget plan.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick proposed a $34.8 billion budget on Wednesday. 

A few Brookline legislators weighed in on the plan.

"I am excited that transportation policy was such a focus of Governor Patrick's budget proposal,” Rep. Ed Coppinger said. “In order to prevent a repeat of that fight, we need to be talking about transportation and the Governor has taken the lead in doing so. I was very pleased to see that a significant part of his plan focuses on bringing the MBTA's aging infrastructure up to date and also invests in bike and pedestrian infrastructure and facilities.”

“Governor Patrick's budget is just the first step in a long process so
I look forward to debating his proposals and working on the House of
Representatives' budget over the next few months. 

Rep. Frank Smizik also voiced his support the Governor’s plan to prioritize investments and raise revenues.

“This is only the beginning of the process and the House and Senate will certainly make changes. The Governor has stated that his version is not the only one possible, but the one change he would not support would be to raise any less than $1.9 Billion per year.” 

“He wants to raise revenue in a progressive way to protect low and moderate income taxpayers. $1.9 billion is the minimum amount needed to meet our goals for transportation, local aid, education investments from pre-K through college, and the programs that meet the needs of the disadvantaged, all of which benefit the residents of Brookline.” Smizik said.

Sen. Cynthia Creem said she still has to take a hard look at the governor's proposal, as there are "a lot of different tax ramifications" that come along with it. 

"Often times the economy is in a different place between the governor's budget proposal and the Senate proposal," Creem said.

Creem says the state does have a transportation problem and the legislature needs to figure out a way to fund the state's transportation.

Lastly, regarding a reaction to the gov's proposal: "I don't think we should rush to judgement about it," she said. 

Tell us, what do think about this budget plan? Can Massachusetts afford it?


MoonBeamWatcher March 30, 2013 at 04:46 AM
Where is the conversation? It strikes me as irresponsible not to convene a commission to look into the advantage or disadvantage of opting out of ObamaCare!?
MoonBeamWatcher March 30, 2013 at 05:01 AM
Speaking about benefits to citizens of Brookline . . . So many seniors have property as part of RETIREMENT package would it be of benefit to escape the Obama Property Tax to support OBAMAcARE? What with the very short interest earned on retirement savings to have our profit further reduced to so much less is a penalty for sound savings and business practices which is a PUNISHMENT rather then the REWARDED for good management and sacrifice!


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