Ballot Cheat Sheet: Precinct 5

Your guide to primary voting.


Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney

  • The Candidate: Hailing from Watertown, Devaney has represented the Governor's Council 3rd district since 1998. A sometimes controversial figure, Devaney has been an outspoken member of the council, using her position to advocate for judicial reform and campaign finance reform.
  • Issues: Devaney wants to continue to reform the way the Judicial branch confirms judges to make the process more transparent. "I really feel I have made a difference," Devaney said, citing her efforts to file legislation that would force judicial nominees to disclose what political donations they have made since their nomination. Devaney has also filed legislation that would force judges to recuse themselves from overseeing trials involving those that may have spoken against their confirmation. Her work on reforming the makeup of the parole board is also an achievement she is proud of. "I do my job and I do my due diligence and it's not always easy," said Devaney, who has met with controversy due to her outspoken positions on reform.
  • On Her Opponent: "This isn't something for someone to come in and think this is a lark," she said when asked about her opponent. "People's lives are at stake," she said. I want to continue with it. I want to continue to make it more open, and it's not that easy."
  • Message to Voters: "I can't thank [the people of Brookline enough] for opening their hearts to me because I've met so many people from Brookline that are my friends," Devaney said, adding that Brookline's Town Meeting is the best in the Commonwealth. "I'm working for them and I hope they keep that confidence in me," she said.

Corey A. Belanger

  • The Candidate: A tavern owner from Lowell, Belanger is touting his small business credentials as an alternative to Devaney. Belanger could not be reached for comment and does not have a website.


Cynthia Creem

  • The Candidate: Born and raised in Brookline, Creem attended Brookline High School and Boston University. After serving in a number of local positions, she was elected to the Governor's Council in 1994 and the Senate in 1998. She lives in Newton with her husband.

Charles Rudnick

  • The Candidate: Newton native Rudnick attended public schools before graduating from Harvard College and Georgetown Law School. A former aide in both the Massachusetts and US Senate, Rudnick most recently served as director of communications for Boston Scientific. He lives in Newton with his wife and two children.
  • Issues: Campaign finance reform is the lead plank in Rudnick's platform. "First and foremost, if elected I have pledged to reform," political donations from lobbyists and political action committees, Rudnick said. Lowering the cost of health care for small businesses and municipalities is also a priority for Rudnick, who said he has seen firsthand the miracle of our health care system when his three-month-old daughter needed surgery. He also supports what he calls "smart proposals for economic growth," by focusing on job growth in the environmental sector, partnerships with foreign companies and by fostering collaborative relationships.
  • "Looking at these types of creative ideas and looking outside the box can really help our economy," Rudnick said. On education, Rudnick supports expanding charter schools in under-performing districts and believes that the MCAS test should be reformed and not used as a high-stakes graduation requirement.
  • On His Opponent: Rudnick said that although Sen. Creem has provided a progressive vote over her twelve year career, he thinks that the district deserves a "full-time senator" that will not accept contributions from lobbyists and PACs.
  • Message to Voters: Rudnick hopes that voters will support his candidacy and his goal of providing "more engaged, full time and independent leadership that will get results."


Jeffrey Sanchez

  • The Candidate:  Raised in Boston's Mission Hill neighborhood, Sanchez has served as the State Representative for the 15th Suffolk district since 2003. After graduating from UMass Boston, Sanchez earned a graduate degree at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He lives in Mission Hill with his wife and two daughters.
  • Issues: Sanchez cited his work as House chairman of the Public Health Committee as key to containing health care costs for individuals, businesses and municipalities in the Commonwealth. He would like to continue his work on education reform, addressing the achievement gap in working with troubled schools. Sanchez also wants to continue building on Massachusetts' successes in job growth, focusing on how small businesses can better support themselves and create jobs. "Poverty is still an issue in our district", Sanchez said, adding that the state must build opportunities for people to be able to weather the economic storm and provide more affordable housing within the district.
  • On His Opponent: "I've lived and worked in the district for the better part of all my life" said Sanchez, noting that his opponent has not.
  • Message to Voters: "I know where I came from and work to make a difference every day."

Jeffrey Herman

  • The Candidate: A Jamaica Plain resident, Herman has worked as a Boston Public school teacher and social worker. He has worked with the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations.
  • Issues: Herman's primary interest is in eliminating waste in the state budget. He wants to find ways to reduce health care costs, reign in unsustainable pension spending and raise the retirement age. A self-described "avid, almost rabid environmentalist," Herman would work for the adoption of stricter green building codes and the promotion of alternative energy jobs. Herman said that the state's education system is "a disaster" and would support reworking the curriculum to be more relevant to today's students. He blames Rep. Sanchez for killing a medical marijuana bill that came through his committee earlier this year and said that the residents of the district support legalizing the drug for medical use. Herman also emphasises criminal justice reform, saying that by treating drug offenders as patients and not criminals, the state can reduce the prison population and save money.
  • On His Opponent: "My opponent does not represent the unique progressive constituency that exists" in the district, Herman said. "I'm capable of thinking outside the box, the kind of thinking that the future will require."
  • Message to Voters: "Out with the incumbent."


Michael Chinman

  • The Candidate: Before deciding to run for Norfolk District Attorney, Chinman served as Assistant District Attorney in Middlesex County for 15 years, serving as an appeals and Superior Court prosecutor. He lives in Milton with his four children.
  • Issues: On his website, Chinman wrote that child sex abusers should serve lengthy sentences to prevent further abuse. "We incarcerate too many drug offenders," he wrote, adding that many offenders can be rehabilitated with treatment. Chinman wrote that domestic violence should be "opposed relentlessly" and that the DA's office should work with schools, the probation department and other groups to raise awareness and protect victims.
  • On His Opponents: Chinman is banking on his first-hand prosecutorial experience as a Middlesex ADA to give him the edge over his opponents­­—both veteran politicians.
  • Message to Voters: "I am a prosecutor, not a politician," Chinman wrote on his website.

Joseph R. Driscoll

  • The Candidate: Driscoll has represented the towns of Randolph, Holbrook and Braintree in the Massachusetts House of Representatives since 2003. He attended Boston College and earned his law degree from the New England School of Law. He lives in Braintree with his wife and two sons.
  • Issues: Driscoll said the Norfolk County DA faces a variety of challenges, from the expansion of cyber crime to the on-going struggle with school bullying. "Prevention is at the top of the list," Driscoll said, adding that he would emphasis keeping young people away from drugs and alcohol as a way to prevent crime. He'd also use a cyber crimes unit within the DA's office to crack down on Internet scams targeting senior and on bullying that spills from the schoolyard into the home.
  • On His Opponents: Driscoll is banking on his experience as a prosecutor in the race. He's served as a prosecutor in three different state offices, where he said he worked with the goal of making each the finest in the state.
  • Message to Voters: "Vote for an experienced prosecutor for Norfolk County DA"

Michael W. Morrissey

  • The Candidate: Morrissey has served as the State Senator for the Norfolk and Plymouth district since 1992, having previously been first elected to the House in 1977. He holds a law degree from Suffolk Law School and a Master's in public administration from Western New England College. A father of two, Morrissey lives in Quincy with his wife.
  • Issues: On his website, Morrissey lists the "vigorous prosecution of sex crimes against children, repeat drunk drivers, drug dealers and drug traffickers, and anyone who preys on our senior citizens," as his chief goals.
  • On His Opponents: Morrissey touts his experience as a trial lawyer and founder of a large law firm as his qualifications for the position. In his 34 years in  the Legislature, Morrissey has written and supported numerous laws that aid district attorneys' efforts to fight crime
  • Message to Voters: "There are times when life presents us with an opportunity to use our strengths and experience to make a difference – and, for me, this is one of those times," Morrissey wrote on his website.


  • Michael G. Bellotti is running unopposed for Norfolk County Sheriff.
  • Peter H. Collins is running unopposed for County Commissioner.


  •  William J. Farretta is running unopposed for Norfolk County Sheriff.


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