2012 Town Meeting Results - Day Two

Article 27, regarding slavery in the past, and nine other articles discussed by Brookline Town Meeting.

Town Meeting returned to the remaining , and began the evening discussing article 27, which acknowledges Brookline's slave-owning past. 

  • Article 27: Resolution regarding slavery – Favorable Action, carried by majority vote. 
  • Article 10: Weybridge Road Local Historic District – Favorable Action, carried by majority vote. 
  • Article 11: Weybridge Road preservation restriction – Favorable Action, carried by majority vote. 
  • Article 13: Small-scale fitness clubs – Favorable Action, carried by two-thirds majority vote. 
  • Article 14: Doggie day care – Favorable Action, carried by majority vote. 
  • Article 15: Floodplain overlay district – Favorable Action, carried unanimously. 
  • Article 16: Zoning - Dimensional and Parking Review – Referred to committee, carried by majority vote. 
  • Article 17: Zoning - Public Benefits – Favorable Action, carried unanimously. 
  • Article 18: Zoning - Time Extensions – Favorable Action, carried unanimously. 
  • Article 19: Olmsted Hill Road Acceptance – Favorable Action, carried unanimously. 
  • Article 20: Retiree Minimum Retirement Allowance – Favorable Action, carried unanimously. 
  • Article 21: Retiree COLA (cost of living adjustment) Increase – Favorable Action, carried by majority vote. 
  • Article 22: Retirement Board Stipends – No Action, carried by majority vote. 

Annual Town Meeting continues Tuesday Night at 7 p.m., again at the  Auditorium. Articles 12 and 28 will be the first aritcles discussed, to accomodate the high school petitioners' schedules. 

MoonBeamWatcher May 25, 2012 at 03:24 PM
THUMBS down on selectman, RETIREE COLA!!!! THUMBS up for Town Meeting!
Mark Izeman May 26, 2012 at 06:34 AM
The new increase in the base from $12,000 to $13,000 passed Tuesday night equates to 5 new teaching positions. Which is more important, $30.00 a year extra for our retirees or 5 teaching positions for our huge new enrollment per year, for the next 14 years? You decide, but you can't get both...The Retirement Board is about to vote the new cola for next year in addition to the base increase voted Tuesday.


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