Waltham Man Pleads Guilty To Murder

Waltham man stabbed Grace Burton, of Maine, to death in 2011.

Juan Contreras, of Waltham, has pleaded guilty to killing an elderly Maine woman last year, according to the Bangor Daily News. 

28, was sentenced to fifty years in prison. Contreras changed his plea to guilty on Nov. 8 midway through the trial, according to the newspaper. Contreras, who hails from Guatemala and is not an American citizen, will be deporated upon completing his sentence. 

Contreras stabbed Grace Burton, 81, of Farmington, to death in after breaking into her home in June of 2011. Contreras had been living in Waltham prior to the killing. Justice Michaela Murphy said there is no explanation as to why Contreras killed Burton and believes he was trying to rob her. 

Contreras told the court he changed his plea because it "was the right thing to do," according to the newspaper. 

For more details, visit the Bangor Daily News. 

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