Three Arrested in Freeman Street Pot Bust

A BU student, and a Mass. College of Pharmacy Student among those arrested by Brookline Police last week.

Several pounds of marijuana sent by FedEx are now in police custody, as are stacks of cash and three young men.

During a 5-hour sting operation, police say packages containing bags of pot were sent to fictional names but picked up by real people. Police say they have arrested Jesse Pomponio, a Boston University student; Alexander Zhang, a Mass College of Pharmacy student, and Trevor Powell, all aged 24, and charged them with possession with intent to distribute. 

Police are looking into a fourth suspect, and hope he will turn himself in.

Amid the items seized from the apartment, 10 to 15 pounds of marijuana, about $117,000 in cash, and two pre-paid cell phones.

The Brookline Police Department wrote in their blog about the arrest, which they say came from a tip by way of Sacremento, Calif. The Sacremento Drug Task Force informed them of several FedEx packages that were bound for 185 Freeman Street, addressed to a fictional person in one of the apartment. 

Detectives believe the operation has been running for at least a couple of months. The case itself is still under investigation.

Dolores Gonzalez October 29, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Great job. Its not always the people that live in housing


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