UPDATED: Second Gunpoint Robbery in Brookline Being Investigated by BUPD

Two gunpoint robberies reported within a week near the Brookline-Allston border. Boston University police seek any information on the incidents.


[Update: Brookline Police report, through their blog, that there were no injuries, and some personal property was taken in the incident mentioned below. The article below has been updated with these details 7:26 p.m.]

[Update 2:  Descriptions of the three subjects were released earlier today on the Brookline Police Blog. Excerpted from the blog:

Suspects are described as: 
Suspect #1- dark skinned black male 5'10" 16-20 years old wearing a royal blue sweatshirt with a grey and orange backpack
Suspect #2- Lighter skinned than suspect # 1, 5'11"-6'0" short black hair, 16-20 years old, red sweatshirt or jacket, silver and black earrings depicting words
Suspect #3- black male, 5'10" short black hair 16- 20 years old dark sweatshirt. 

BU Police Captain Robert Molloy told BU Today that, while there are some similarities between yesterday's robbery and that on Sunday, it is too early to tell whether they are connected.  

Meanwhile, Boston Magazine's Caroline Hatano blogs about the horror movie-like element of two robberies in a few days, in otherwise benign Brookline3:48 p.m., Sept. 26]

Police are looking into a second armed robbery near the BU since the weekend: there was a second incident, similar to Sunday's, reported earlier today. 

Boston University Police issued an alert earlier today noting that it happened at about 5 p.m. on Egmont Street at St. Paul Street. According to the alert, there are three suspects, described as black males in their late teens, one of which had a red sweatshirt, one in a blue sweatshirt. 

They showed a black handgun, then trio then fled with stolen property toward Pleasant Street and Commonwealth Avenue. BUPD say that, if you see them, do not approach them, and ask that you notify the Brookline Police Department at 617-730-2222 or BUPD at 617-353-2121.

In the Brookline Police incident log, they report that the incident on Sept. 23 occurred with a semi-automatic handgun, and that the hoodie-wearing suspects asked their victims for the time before flashing a weapon and got away with a cell phone and a wallet.

At the time of writing, police have not indicated that the two incidents are related. 

Following a handful of smartphone thefts in May of this year, the Brookline Police Department issued a press release containing a number of safety tips, including: 

  • Do not wear earbuds, headphones, or listen to music while walking alone.
  • Always walk with a friend or in a group when possible.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times and trust your instincts.
  • Walk with confidence on the street and at a good, steady pace. Keep your head up and observe your surroundings.  Don't look down at the ground.
  • If you feel you are being followed, show you are suspicious – Turn to look at the person. This sends a clear message that you will not be taken by surprise.
  • Change directions.  If someone is following you on foot, cross the street and vary your pace. If the person following you is in a car, turn and walk in the opposite direction.
  • If approached, DO NOT RESIST. The best course of action is to hand over money and whatever other belongings are demanded and try to disengage from this confrontational and potentially dangerous situation as soon as possible. Remember, things can always be replaced.
  • Try to remember descriptive information about the robber (height, age, race, etc.) to relay to police when reporting the incident.

Many smartphones include features or have apps which will allow for tracking of stolen phones. the Brookline Police press release does not mention these apps specifically, however an iPhone user with such an app helped police track down and recover her phone earlier in the year. 

This is a breaking story, Patch will have more information as it develops.

Mark Izeman September 25, 2012 at 11:08 PM
not too comforting to have the BU Police investigating. We will fare much better with the Brookline Police handling these crimes. For sure they are on this!
MoonBeamWatcher September 26, 2012 at 01:03 AM
Mark, be comforted . . . The Head Line in wrong. The Brookline Police are investigating this crime as they do with all crimes in Brookline. It is nice to have the BU Police assisting and requesting information from the BU Student population.
Grahame Turner September 26, 2012 at 02:15 AM
Both departments are working on this, certainly. The initial information came from the BUPD, which is why the headline indicates they're looking into it. I did not mean to indicate that it's a solo act by any means. I apologize if that's misleading.
AHM December 24, 2012 at 05:59 PM
Shopping can be done when there are lots of folks around. Cothes should not be invitational and you can go with friends - or anyone out walking for that matter. In this way you're at least trying!


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