Boston Police Arrest Suspect in Linked Brookline, Waltham Robberies[Update]

Waltham and Brookline Police have identified a suspect in recent unarmed robberies in both towns.

[Update #3: Brookline Police just tweeted that Lovering has been arrested by Boston Police a few minutes ago. 

Breaking news .Arrest made, Boston PD has arrested the suspect from BRKL Star Mkt robbery & car jacking. Nothing else available now.

 3:15 p.m., June 8]

UPDATED, 10:35 a.m., Friday, June 8, with additional information from Waltham Police: Waltham Police have confirmed that Lovering is also the suspect in the Waltham robbery. Waltham Police have issued their own warrants for his arrest in addition to the outstanding Brookline warrants. 

Lovering previously lived in Waltham, according to Detective Sgt. Joseph Guigno.


[Update: Brookline Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of a man suspected in yesterday's carjacking and robbery at the Beacon Street Star Market. They have released a flier and a name, Steven Lovering. The text of the flier is below: 

A warrant (DKT #: 1209CR0587) is in effect for Unarmed Robbery and Carjacking from the Shaw’s Market, 1717 Beacon St. LOVERING is homeless, and frequents the area near the New England Center for Homeless Veterans at 17 Court St, as well as the area of Washington and School Sts in downtown Boston. There are two additional warrants in effect for Unarmed Robbery (Roxbury DC and South Boston DC).

See the PDF to the right for the full flier and details. Contact Brookline Police with any information: Detective Division at 617-730-2245, the main line at 617-730-2222, or leave a tip through their anonymous web form3:25 p.m.]


Brookline and are investigating whether in that town is linked with . 

According to Waltham Police Detective Sgt. Joseph Guigno, Waltham Police are working with Brookline Police on a possible link between the May 31 unarmed robbery of a on Harvard Street in Waltham and the

The suspect(s), in photos from both incidents, is a white male with white hair, a beard. Both are heavyset. Brookline Police described their suspect as 5'10''.

There are strong similarities in both incidents. The suspect in both incidents passed a note, but never showed a weapon. In both cases, the suspect fled the scene in a vehicle. In the Waltham robbery, the suspect arrived and fled in a taxi, whereas in Brookline, the suspect carjacked a motorist to escape. The suspect later abandoned the vehicle near Brookline High School.

Anbody with information is urged to contact  with more information, contact the Detective Division at 617-730-2245, the main line at 617-730-2222, or leave a tip through their anonymous web form.

To reach the Waltham Police, Detectives division, 781-314-3550, the anonymus tip line at 781-314-3636, or use the 


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