Police Investigating a Armed Robbery on Winchester Street

Police say that a woman was robbed yesterday morning by a man with a gun. Anyone with information is requested to contact Brookline police.

A woman walking down Winchester Street early on the morning of July 5 was robbed by a man at gunpoint, and are looking for any information which may be of use.

According to a press release, the victim told police that she was walking on Winchester Street, and was stopped by a woman in a car who asked for directions. During that conversation, she saw a man walk past, who later flashed a gun and demanded her money, and took keys and other items out of her shoulder bag. 

The man was described as a middle-aged black man wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt. He was carrying a silver handgun. 

After the victim was robbed, the woman in the car drove by again and stopped to check on the victim. Police are not certain whether the vehicle is connected to the incident--or if she is a witness--but included a description: The vehicle is described as a mid-sized car with a babyseat in the back behind the driver, and the driver is said to be a a middle-aged light-skinned black woman.

If you think you have any information related to this, contact the police at 617-730-2222.


The sent out the following press release: 

A female victim in her twenties reported today that as she was walking on Winchester Street around 12:30 AM she was robbed. She stated she was walking from Beacon Street towards Kelton Street when a vehicle approached from the opposite direction and stopped beside her. The driver was described as a middle-aged light-skinned black female who engaged the victim in a conversation asking for directions.

While the victim was talking to the driver, a male subject walked past the victim and continued walking. When the victim resumed walking she spotted the same male subject standing near the intersection of Winchester and Fuller Streets. The male subject is described as being a middle-aged black man, wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt. Nothing more at this time.

As the victim walked past the male subject he displayed a silver handgun and demanded her money. He then reached into her shoulder bag and took some cash and keys. He then walked away towards Beacon Street, telling the victim to walk in the opposite direction. A short time later as the victim continued walking the car returned. The same operator pulled alongside and asked if the victim was alright. The subject said she was and the vehicle left the area.

The vehicle is described as a mid-sized car with a babyseat in the back behind the driver. No further details are available at this time, it is unknown what the involvement of the car and operator are related to the crime.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Brookline Police Department. 617-730-2222

Dee July 24, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Scaring!! the driver seems connected to the robbery.


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