Brookline Police Arrest Knife-Wielding Man After Alleged Attack, Attempted Murder

Brookline police blogged about the arrest in a Beacon Street apartment of a man who allegedly assaulted a woman and the building manager with a knife.

Just before midnight on Oct. 8, Brookline Police arrested and charged a man who, they allege, attempted to murder a woman and stole items from inside her apartment after an argument. 

According to the Brookline Police Blog, the attacker is being charged with assault-and-battery with a dangerous weapon on the woman inside the apartment and the building manager, armed robbery, and attempted murder by strangulation.

The building manager told police that he had gone to investigate an argument in one of the apartments, and found a man wielding a knife, and a woman in a chair crying and bleeding. The man then turned on the building manager and threatened him, then took some items from the apartment and left. 

Police responded to the scene, chased the suspect, and placed him under arrest. The woman sustained knife wounds to her left flank and thigh, she was taken to the hospital, and in recovery, according to Police.

See the Brookline Police Blog for the full story.


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