Pedestrian Struck, Taken to the Hospital

Incident happened on Cypress Street in Brookline last week.

Police alert. Credit: Patch
Police alert. Credit: Patch

A pedestrian that was struck last week by a vehicle was admitted to the hospital with a number of injuries, according to a press statement by the Brookline Police Department.

During the middle the Feb. 13 snowstorm, officers and EMTs were called to the incident at Cypress Street near Milton Road. A man was reportedly lying in front of a large slush puddle, half in the street and half in a parking space.

Fallon EMTs assisted the man and later, transported him to Beth Israel Hospital for evaluation. The man was held overnight with a fractured scapula, bruised hip, and bump on his forehead, according to the report.

Police investigated the incident and spoke with the driver who stated she was driving south and the man was in the roadway near a vehicle. The woman reportedly struck the man and immediately stopped.

Three witnesses were also interviewed. 

One, who was driving north, reported that the man was in the roadway and appeared to be crossing the street. The driver honked his horn to get the man’s attention. Another witness “heard a bang” and “looked up and saw a man in the air and then landing on the street,” according to the report.

The reporting officer went to the hospital to speak to the man but there was a language barrier and his daughter served as an interpreter. The man, who works on Cypress Street, said when he exited his vehicle, there was a large puddle of snow and slush he was trying to avoid. He walked toward the southern part of his vehicle and turned right and was hit by the other vehicle. 

The man allegedly admitted to being in the lane of traffic when he was hit, according to the report.

MoonBeamWatcher February 16, 2014 at 10:57 AM
Pedestrian steps in front of Car!


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