OMGPD: Turtle Flees Cops, Women Attack Juicer and More

Our weekly compilation of some of the more, ahem, unusual police reports from around the Boston area. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Bopped by a beer can

This is what happens when you walk down Boylston Street at 3 a.m. on a Sunday: a man said a car whizzed by and tossed a half-full beer can at him and hit him. Police were able to trace the offending car's license plate to a Dedham resident; not clear who was driving:  http://patch.com/A-wkxM


Extremely lactose tolerant

Taking inventory, employees at the Watertown Friendly's discovered they are missing 55 gallons of ice cream and milk: 


Fleeing turtle

A large turtle was reportedly spotted in the road in the area of Maple Street and Solomon Pierce Road in Lexington in the middle of Sunday afternoon. But, said the officers, it was gone when they got there: 


Is there such a thing as a BUI?

 On Tuesday evening the Sudbury Police Department responded to 452 Concord Road after receiving a report a bicyclist fell from his bike. Upon arriving, it was determined the bicyclist, a 47-year-old resident, was intoxicated and transported to Emerson Hospital for treatment. After being released, he was placed into protective custody by Sudbury police. 


Squatter rights...and wrongs

On Monday, Woburn police responded to a report of a disturbance on Prospect Street apparently, a couple had pitched a tent at a Prospect Street construction site and were planning to sleep there. A man walked by and saw the couple, then confronted them. Police told the couple they could not sleep there and to leave; the man was also asked to leave the area: http://woburn.patch.com/articles/police-log-couple-squatting-at-unoccupied-home

Nothing like a stolen rocking chair for quiet evenings on the porch

A rocking chair was reported taken from the front porch of a Webster Street home in Needham earlier this month. Really, how low can you go?: 

The juicer never had a chance

Early Friday, Woburn police were called to Turf Time on Main Street. According to police, an employee reported he left the store to buy coffee. While he was gone, a group playing soccer told him that four females ran into the store, shouted something that sounded like “pina colada!” before pulling a juicer machine off the wall and onto the ground, breaking it. Alas, there was no video surveillance of the incident: http://woburn.patch.com/articles/police-log-four-shouting-women-break-machine



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