Liquor License Stings Running in Brookline

Brookline Police announced today they will be conducting stings at liquor license-holding stores around town.

The Brookline Police Department will know about at least a handful of underaged kids buying booze, because they will be working together: Yesterday, Police announced another series of stings to test liquor license holders' compliance with the town bylaws and state regulations.

So, if your business has a liquor license, keep checking those IDs (Also, point your employees to the press release below). 

These stings typically send an underage person--with guidance from a police officer--into a bar or package store, where they attempt to buy alcohol. If asked, the would-be young buyer gives their true birthdate, and does not attempt to mislead employees. If the seller makes the transaction, the alcohol goes into the custody of police after the purchase.

Establishments found to be out of compliance--that is, selling to someone under 21--are called to a hearing before the Board of Selectmen, route: {:controller=>"local_facts", :action=>"show", :id=>"board-of-selectmen-7"} -->, which acts as the


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