Brookline Man Charged with Assault and Battery on a Cab Driver

The following was supplied by the Brookline Police. Charges listed do not imply conviction.

On December 14 at about 2:38 a.m., officers responded to a dispute between a taxi driver and a passenger. Two men were shouting near Carlton Street next to an alleyway. As the officer approached, one of the men took off on foot and the other pursued him.

The officers exited their cars and pursued the two running men and were able to catch up with them on Monmouth Street. The passenger stated that he had caught a cab in Boston headed back to Brookline. He claimed that the driver began arguing with him for no reason at all and that the cabbie was headed towards more cab drivers to aid him in the fight. Officers then noticed that the passenger was wearing only one shoe and that a strong smell of alcohol emanated from him.

An officer spoke to the caller, who stated that they had observed the cab pull over and the two men get out of the car. The two were having a loud argument and saw the passenger swing closed fists at the driver on the street. The caller claimed to see the passenger connect with the driver’s face, knocking his glasses off. The driver calls out for someone to call 911.

The driver told police that he had picked up the passenger from Boylston Street and was taking him up to Kent Street. The driver claimed that the belligerent passenger began shouting that the driver had missed the street. As the driver went to turn the car, the passenger reportedly exited, stating, “I have no money to pay you.” When the driver demanded the man pay him, the passenger began shouting and become violent. The driver said that he was struck on the left side of his face, causing his glasses to fall off. The passenger grabbed the driver’s duffle bag and tore it apart.

Officers arrested Ryan Brown, 22, of 48 Kent Street and charged him with assault and battery, disorderly conduct, malicious destruction of property and cab fare evasion. 


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