Patch Picks: Service with a Smile

Who in town is worth a note for their spectacular service? This week, Patch Picks, with your help, some of the town's finest.

Brookline has a vast number of people who serve the town in a number of incredible ways. While it's impossible to catch every single person who goes out of their way--personally, professionally, or in any other capacity-- to name a few folks whose service stands out. 

Why? The Cafe has been called a hidden gem with excellent food and great people. It's a cozy spot with a lot of personality, and staff who are willing to accommodate any tastes. 
Suggested by: Twitter user @Sasalis

Mr. Fix-It
Why? As Patch user  put it, "They saved a few butts during the ." While you may not think about it until your plumbing stops working, the name of a good plumber becomes invaluable when you have any kind of problem.
Suggested by: Patch user 

Why? This Coolidge Corner spot has garnered not only some great reviews on Yelp, but has also been said to have the best customer service of the "larger" companies by one of our users. 
Suggested by: Patch user 

Brookline Fire and Police
Why? No list of service would be complete without the men and women who keep Brookline safe. Whether it's a daring  or the  for the theft of a pocket book from a churchgoer, their constant service safeguards the town. 

Did we miss your favorite spot for good service? Did we forget someone important who's constantly working? Make sure everyone gets the special mention they deserve by telling us in the comments. 


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