Patch Picks: Learn Something New Every Day

This week, Patch Picks several places that believe no matter how old the dog is, he can always learn some new tricks.

Just because you're out of high school or college is no excuse to stop learning new things. Whether you're trying to , or produce the , Brookline has an incredible number of places to pick up new skills and figure out how to work new (educational) toys.

Why? Hidden inside the Brookline High School are the offices of Brookline Adult Education. Step through their extensive catalog to learn how to do just about anything. With the help of local experts, you can become a budding chef, artist or landscaper. Need a leg up on an upcoming test? Adult Ed has you covered, whether it's an SAT, GRE or driver's test.

Why? Perhaps you're the type of person who watches TV, sometimes thinking to yourself, "I can do better." Stop by the BATV studios for their workshops, and you'll learn the secrets necessary to do just that. Brookline Access has workshops on subjects ranging from the basics of Mac OS X to field camera use

Why? Not only can you stop in to , you can also pick up some of the finer points of accessorizing with some of Abeille'songoing classes in sewing and jewelry making. Keep an eye on thePatch Events Calendar for classes that interest you.

Why? Music is fairly universal, but only a handful of people in the world can pick up an instrument and play like Mozart on the first try. For everyone else, there are classes at the Brookline Music School, currently on their . Music art and dance are the focus of this school, with regular concerts throughout the year.

Religious Studies
Why? Houses of worship are for more than just worship--they can be places of education and community as well. Ask around your temple or church, and you may hear about some ongoing programs to give you a deeper understanding of your faith and its texts. For example, has regular classes on various subjects and works, and held a earlier in the year.


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