Patch Picks: It's Easy Being Green

This week, it's all green here in Brookline. Here are some simple ways you can help the planet.

This week, we'll have to respectfully disagree with Kermit the Frog. We picked , here are some old classics and new ideas from us at Patch. 

Honorable Mention

Kitsch in Sync, a Brookline improv group, had this unique suggestion: 

We stopped showering in order to save water. It also helps save on gas since no one invites us to go out anymore.

Beat the Street
: Cars are one of the most direct sources of carbon emissions, and using your car less reduces that. Dig your bike out of storage and fix her up, or get a new one from Superb Bicycle or Ferris Wheels in Jamaica Plain. If you're headed somewhere less than a half-mile away, walk or bike there. It will take you about 15 to 20 minutes to walk instead of drive, and parking shoes is a lot easier. 

Eat Smart
Why: Your food choices make . Locally-grown vegetables, in season, travel shorter distances and are stored for less time. This not only means they're fresher, but they're better for the planet, too.

Why: Next time you're taking out the trash, look up and down the street. Your neighbors are probably dragging out the blue plastic toters as well.  isn't just for trash day (although with single-stream, it's as easy as throwing things out), there are ways you can turn old things into (or ), or . 

Phantom Power
Why?: Even when it's fully powered off, a DVR, TV or even computer will still draw power. An unplugged cell phone charger, plugged into to the wall, still draws a few dollars' worth of electricity each month. This is called "phantom" or "standby power" and accounts for another large chunk of your electric bill. Purchase timers and power strips with switches from  or . Switch the strips or set the timers so they are off when you aren't home or are asleep.

Clean Green
: Most cleaners in your home are made of chemicals, and not all of these chemicals are beneficial to your family or pets. Before the creation of synthetic cleaners, there were still effective ways to clean the home. So, create your own from natural cleaning agents such as baking soda or vinegar, using recipes like those on Care2.  


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