Patch Picks: Cheeseburgers As Paradise

National Cheeseburger Day is Sunday, so get your menu ready!

Earlier in the year, we talked about the best , unaware that this Sunday, Sept 18 is actually National Cheeseburger Day. In honor of that, we're shaking up Patch Picks this week to bring you a mouth-watering selection that can make your sunday burger plate perfect. 

Why? One of the titular ingredients in a cheeseburger is the burger. Whether it's made with a hamburger from a local , or a homemade turkey burger, or even a great veggie burger, you can't have a cheeseburger without it. 

Why? The other half of the name: , or  can connect you with a number of cheesy options. American, swiss, cheddar, and monterey jack are often found topping burgers, but you could also try gouda or feta for a new twist on the flavor.

Why? Lettuce and tomatoes from or the , or bacon bought when you're already at the or  can give your burger a new dimension of flavor. Alternately, try the bacon and egg cheeseburger, or peanut butter on it, said to be a favorite of Elvis

The Bun
Why? Pick up some fresh bun from or Whole Foods in nearby Brighton. Sesame seeds are the way to go. Alternately, make your own

Side Dishes
Why? A burger without fries sounds almost unnatural. Buy or make some oven fries, if you want to stay a little healthier. Pull out a sweet potato and make fries from that, or even serve with a really tasty salad. The options are yours. 


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