Patch Picks: Bring the Popcorn

Patch picks some of the best places to rent or watch a movie this weekend.

Why? No discussion of films in Brookline would be complete without the Coolidge. Whether it's a cult classic played @fter Midnite, or their series, or even a special showing like earlier this year, something cool is at the Coolidge.

Why? If you have a movie, and 24 friends to watch it with, you need go no further than Brookline Access TV for a spot to watch. You can rent their 25-seat theatre and watch just about anything there.  
Suggested by: @EricaBATV on Twitter (who works there)

Why? Rentals, purchases, and used movies are available at this independent Brookline store, on Beacon Street near Washington Square. They have deals such as 2-for-1 Mondays, and a $1 store credit for next-day returns. 

Why? For the right price (free), you can borrow the Library's DVD library as though borrowing a book. When you're grabbing some bedtime stories, pick up some pre-bedtime stories for your familes (or post-bedtime for when the kids are asleep). You can also browse the collection online, and rent movies from other locations in the Minuteman Library Network.

Redbox (Located at Shaws and )
Why? For about a dollar, you can pick up a collection of the latest DVD releases after you've bought your groceries. Stop by the Redbox kiosk in any grocery store (it's usually near the exit, and looks like, well, a red box), watch it for a night, and bring it back the next day.

Keep an eye out for a top movies in Brookline list coming over the weekend.


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