Brookline Remembers Mike Wallace's Softer Side

Mike Wallace's hardball style was tempered by a side which some Brookline residents experienced. Share your stories.

Though he may be remembered for an aggressive interview style, Mike Wallace, journalist and Brookline native, had a softer side as well. 

Among Wallaces interviews are people like Alduous Huxley and Salvador Dali--to name just a few. The Boston Phoenix Blog described some of his exploits as Chuck Norries-esque, positing that he may be the journalistic equivalent of the martial arts star. 

However, today's Boston Globe obituary described the softer side of Brookline-native Myron "Mike" Wallace, who graduated from in 1935 by way of the , and . In the piece, he is described as "a pussycat" and "a good guy" by Brookline residents who met him. 

Wallace's Stepson, Eames Yates, told the Globe:

“He always thought it was kind of hilarious that he was from Brookline, and on the same street lived Lenny Bernstein and ... Those are three pretty good names from a town in Massachusetts.’’

Author Larry Ruttman interviewed Wallace in a 2005 book "Voices of Brookline: An Oral History of an American Hometown," along with well-known names like Robert Kraft and Michael Dukakis, and local figures such as ,  and  Chuck Flaherty. 

This softer side extended beyond Brookline: one of Patch's Regional Editors recalled . 

. The April 15 episode of 60 Minutes will be dedicated to his memory.

See the full piece on the Boston Globe.


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