Report: Flu-Related Deaths are Above Normal Nationally

Recent pneumonia and influenza related deaths have been above the epidemic threshold. Check the infographic below for more flu facts.

Credit: sancarlos.patch.com
Credit: sancarlos.patch.com

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In the third week of January, 8.1% of deaths reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were associated with pneumonia and the seasonal flu. That’s above the epidemic threshold for this time of the year, which is normally at 7.2%.

It marks the second week in a row that deaths connected to influenza were above normal and highlights the need for people to get vaccinated for the flu even now.

About 2,800 people had influenza in the week ending January 18, 2014.

Take a look at the infographic above too.

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MoonBeamWatcher January 27, 2014 at 12:52 PM
Are UNvacinated ILLEGAL/unDOCUMENTED who don't speak ENGLISH and work in the Food-Beverage / Hospitality and HOSPITAL industries spreading this? These are the UNintended consequences of not entering America threw the FRONT door!


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