What Were the Most Popular Names in Massachusetts?

The top five names for babies in Massachusetts in 2010 returned in 2011, but in a different order.

Maybe it the Royal Wedding had something to do with the top boys name in Massachusetts – William – but his bride's name, Kate (or Catherine), was no where to be found in the top five.

The Social Security Administration released the top baby names in the Bay State 2011 this week. Last week they released the top names in the country, which can be seen here.

The top five girls names in Massachusetts all made the top five nationally. At the top of both lists was Sophia. Olivia was second in the state followed by Olivia, Isabella, Emma and Ava. In the United States, Isabella was second on the list, next came Emma, then Olivia and finally Ava.

William placed third nationally in the top boy's names, while the most popular boys name in the U.S., Jacob, was third in Massachusetts. The rest of the top three differed, with Benjamin, Michael and Ryan making the top five in the state, but only Michael cracked the top 10 nationally.

The top names remained very consistent from 2010. All five of the top names in Massachusetts in 2010, for both girls and boys, returned to the top five in 2011. and William was third. As for the girls, Isabella was top in 2010, while Sophia was second.

Top Names in Massachusetts for 2011

1 William 468 Sophia 554 2 Benjamin 458 Olivia 452 3 Jacob 449 Isabella 437 4 Michael 445 Emma 430 5 Ryan 431 Ava 401


Top Names in the United States for 2011

1 Jacob Sophia 2 Mason Isabella 3 William Emma 4 Jayden Olivia 5 Noah Ava


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