Weekend Weather: October 6 and 7

This weekend, are you going to need an umbrella or sandals? Find out before you head out.

No matter your plans this weekend, if you were thinking of staying in, getting out, or hunting for bargains, bear the weather in mind. The following comes from the National Weather Service report for Brookline:

Saturday: A chance of showers throughout the day, 30 percent chance--and a 40 percent chance in the evening. If it's not raining, it should be partly sunny with a high of 75ºF, and 46ºF lows in the evening.

Sunday: Highs and lows between 59ºF and 42ºF, and--most likely--rain. A 60 percent chance of rain during the day, a 70 percent chance at night--mostly after 3 p.m.


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