Week in Review: Team Brookline Begins, Wegman's 'Tops Off,' Legal Help in Hancock Village

Brookline has a team set up for next year's Boston Marathon. The Wegman's construction site places the last beam on the building, and a consultant joins the discussion in Hancock Village.

  • Monday, Members of the . Did you look to see  A thermal imaging company wants to know,  Then, in the .
  • Outside of town, there were services  on Tuesday, the 11th anniversary. We asked you to . A woman became the . Police dealt with a , in the Arrest Log.
  • The town took on , Wednesday. Following the Selectmen's meeting the night before, the . More questions to .
  • , making it a great date place. Thursday's Arrest Log featured an. Suggestions for .  ceremony.  made a return with a man whose not safe for work behavior was on the T.
  • Friday night, . . The Brookline Parents were . A number of folks sounded off on  in the area. . 


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