Week In Review: June 20 - 24

Brookline's news for the week.

  • Monday recalled a weekend of parades, both to (in part with ), and to celebrate . There were a over the weekend as well, such as a missing bike and a . Moms Talk tossed out the "" diss, but with a good question: how do we talk about sex scandals with kids? Rowing and Baseball made up the week's .
  • We opened Tuesday with preparations for . Sports PatchCast . A Brookline cancer survivor was , as were several other folks . Adam Sandler's latest , "I Hate You Dad"  during the course of the day, and was .
  • Wednesday, a . The technology got a public hearing, slated for July 12, mentioned at . A rented box truck hit on Sherman Road. Late that evening, was found and arrested in California.
  • Viewfinder met the on Thursday. to legalize marijuana, similar to that of Brookline's State Representative Frank Smizik. Patch Picks picked a handful of local , and our  also came out. There were also some , including the opening of a documentary about , one of Brookline's own. Brookline Baseball , and shows promise.
  • Early Friday morning, a . Shortly after, an . A developer proposed some changes in . The Brookline Parents , and explored a sarcastic new kids book--which is definitely not for kids.
  • Saturday, a chemical lab at , .


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