Week in Review: Chocolate Chip Changes, Town Meeting Begins, Romney and Warren Visit

Trader Joe's chocolate chip change worries local kosher community, Elizabeth Warren stops by, Mitt Romney raises funds in Chestnut Hill, Town Meeting works through two-thirds of the Warrant Articles.

  • Monday, we checked out the new . The . We kicked off our  poll, including some names like , , .  featured an armed shoplifting incident at TJ Maxx. 
  • To prep for Town Meeting, we showed you our  Tuesday. We learned that a . There was a drug bust (allegedly) in the . We saw a few new photos from the . It was also. 
  • Wednesday, we saw the . Two of the warrant articles discussed on Tuesday, bring  and . In the , an alleged shoplifter whose bag was a bit too full to zip closed. 
  • We heard rumors on Thursday that . , which she feels made a point, despite being defeated. Our restaurant reviewer stopped by . .  began Thursday night. 
  • Friday, we heard about a .  The Brookline Parents' kids are setting up an  (not really), but there are tons of people to play with in town. . Brookline School Committee member .  Coolidge Corner Theatre."


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