Week in Review: Fourth District Debates, Superheroes and the Paul Ryan Announcement

Week in review for Brookline featuring Fourth District candidates debating, a look at some superheroes, and a vice-presidential pick for Mitt Romney. As well as a driver on the T tracks.

  • According to our on Monday,  and . Ahead of the Coolidge's screening of the . . Elizabeth Childs is . In , a broken dryer and a pair of girls kicking a door. 
  • Tuesday, we found out about a , due to distractions and a GPS. We also got a glimpse at the . We wanted to know, according to you who use the roads, . We checked in with the  last month. Governor's Council candidate blogged asking "" An out of control car, a pushy man, and a trespasser made up the week's . 
  • We started Wednesday with some . We also kicked off a  The . There was a prediction of . We heard there was a chance of . , and took some pictures. Meanwhile, , there were two cases of open-and-gross lewdness, and more.
  • We had  on Thursday (or looked at their latest News in Brief piece in Brookline).  Well, Boston Eater checked in and told us more. A few suggestions for those who wanted to . , and celebrated with the Red Sox. Finally, our Bites Nearby reviewer stopped in at .
  • Friday morning, The Brookline Parents were pointed and exclaimed  In Politics, we looked at . For the . We also asked: If you had a time machine and a concert ticket,  Team with a Vision has a , and the League of Women Voters brought up .


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