'We Are Newtown' Bumper Stickers Available

Sandy Hook resident Sam Mihailoff is donating all money raised through the sale of the bumper stickers for a memorial in honor of the 20 children who were killed on Dec. 14, 2012.

Sandy Hook resident Sam Mihailoff wants to help the victims of the school shooting. Here's what he came up with, in his own words:

Riveted to the ever changing news reports, I exude a feeling of severe loss, yet I am not a parent. I may have met those lost cherubs from afar as they rode by on the school bus is all.

Statements like “We shall ever be defined by this event” go beyond annoyance. Saturday’s stern message to the press by our superior First Selectman, leader, mentor and mother Patricia Llodra, planted a thought in my pea brain.

Eventually, the satellite trucks shall drive away, down I-84 and President Obama’s “well publicized” visit shall be yet another footnote to the violence of today’s society. 

Newtown has changed greatly during my thirty-three year residency, however we ALL have certain desires, hopes and dreams still. The parents of those twenty angels had dreams ripped from their loving arms on Friday morning forever. The staff of Sandy Hook School who braved flesh against bullets demonstrated the true core of teacher dedication.     

After 9/11 folks drove around with American Flags unfurled but ceased once it became unfashionable. Will we do the same? Will we drift back to the petty squabbling of politics? I hope not.

Now, we all want to do something, donate, bake, something...anything.

The words of Jaime Parker have set my thoughts into action. I have made a direct donation to the Emilie Parker Fund, and will do so for the remaining fallen nineteen lovely, innocent victims.

Beyond that, I have just ordered a bunch of bumper stickers (3” X 6”) which through various locations in and about town shall be sold ($10.00) or from me personally; for the eventual memorial that shall be erected at a later date. For anyone in other states who might be desirous of helping, $13.00 which covers PayPal fees and postage.

I am not making a blessed dime on this endeavor. My fee shall be a tear and a thank-you. Yes, we shall learn to walk again!!!  

Sam Mihailoff
54 Lakeview Terrace PO Box 244
Sandy Hook, CT 06482

MoonBeamWatcher December 25, 2012 at 07:06 PM
Y E S . . . . until "WE" place a SPECIAL mental health TAX on VIDEO games with proceeds dedicated to help provide mental heath care to children who are on THE BOOB Tube for 3 to 5 hours a day from age 5 to 20 . . . doing "make believe" murder and mayhem, give 'little Johnny' a drug for this and drug for that and pray to the PC Goshes that Johnny outgrows his struggles with life and his inability to interact socially . . . Newtown is us! (guns to guard our children are a good knee-jerk reaction until "WE" provide mental health care to EVERYONE, Not Just CRIMINALS!)


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