Tessa Posters Will Remain for Now

Brookline will allow posters for the missing beagle Tessa to stay in place.

It looks like plans to remove posters for Dennis Lehane's missing dog aren't coming down after all.

Boston.com reports that Brookline Town Administrator Melvin Keckler emailed Friday afternoon saying the signs can stay in place while a "more coordinated and reasonable approach" is set to help find Tessa, a beagle owned by Lehane. The dog's been missing since Christmas Eve.

The town had ordered the signs and posters come down by Saturday because they violated Brookline ordinances about posted bills. That had the pooch's searchers scrambling to find ways to get the word out that the search was still active.

Bill Davidson January 12, 2013 at 04:22 PM
Thank you, Mr. Keckler, for trying to be a good neighbor.


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