Tessa Lehane Missing for Over Two Weeks

Dennis Lehane's dog has been missing for over two weeks now.

Tuesday marked the two-week disappearance of Tessa, the black and tan, the 4-year-old Beagle who escaped from her home in Coolidge Corner on Christmas Eve.


Volunteers have canvased Brookline Village, Coolidge Corner, Brookline T stops, Griggs Park and the North Harvard area with signs.


Dennis Lehane posted this on his Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/FindingTessaLehane



1. Thank you all who have voiced support, sent advice, shared stories of lost pets, and buoyed our spirits these last two weeks. 

2. Thank all of you exceptional and kind folks who've shown up at the search party gatherings in Brookline and Allston and all of you who've helped put up posters and pound pavement in the neighborhoods where she was sighted. We've been floored by your generosity and compassion.

3. If you are the person who has Tessa or knows the person who does, when we stated that NO QUESTIONS WOULD BE ASKED if she were returned to us, we also meant THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY OF PROSECUTION. We only want our dog back. If you do have her and are worried about how to release her, please take the following suggestion to heart: Drop her at your nearest veterinarian, pet shelter or fire station. Attach a note to her collar with a number on it. You pick the number between 1 and 1000. A few days after dropping her off, call 813-727-1110 and tell us what that number was so we'll know you're the person who dropped off the dog. Then tell us how and where you'd like to receive your reward. Once you get the reward, you'll never hear from us again unless you want to. It's as simple as that. And thank you, ahead of time, for rescuing our dog from the cold. 


Lehane has stressed that he and his family just want their dog back. They will not press any charges or ask any questions.  

Yesterday, according to the Finding Tessa Facebook page, an anonymous tip came in about a female beagle seen around 4 p.m. near Greenough Blvd. in Watertown.


Tessa went missing on Christmas Eve. Since then, the Facebook group formed to try and find the pup. Lehane has also issued an original reward; he’ll name a character in his next book after the person who finds the dog. Tessa, a black and tan beagle, is very friendly, micro-chipped, but was not wearing her ID tags at the time, according to reports. So far, there have been a few sightings, but they have turned out to be false alarms.

There have been several meet-up events in which volunteers have handed out and put up flyers. Patch will have information on any future canvassing efforts. There is also an advice page for Mr. Lehane on what tips worked or didn’t work from readers. 


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