Talker: Advice for Dennis Lehane

Do you have any advice for a family who has just lost their dog?

Have you ever lost your dog? It’s a pretty rotten feeling. My dog ran away for a matter of hours and it was a family-wide bummer.

Lehane and a group volunteers have started canvassing the area, which you and your friends are welcome to join, but what else should he do?

If you’ve ever been in this position, what worked? What didn’t work? Do you have any tips on what not to do? 

If you have any advice for Mr. Lehane and his family, please leave tips or support in the comments section. 

Christina Callahan Hayes January 05, 2013 at 01:34 PM
In 1960 I lost our family dog. Bijou followed me on the bus as I traveled to a volunteer assignment. At that time, my youngest brother had developed the strongest attachment to the dog and needless to say, I received the silent treatment from all 5 of my brothers. Bijou was missing for 10 very long days. During that time, my Grandmother prayed to her cousin, Mollie Rogers, who had died a few years before. A Boston native, Mollie was known for a large and generous heart. The search for Bijou ended upon receipt of a phone call from his founder. This family had taken the wondering, hungary animal into its home and cared for him well, but evidently was unaware of the broken-hearted little boy who missed him so (or of his older sister who was also not have a happy time of it!). Bijou's rescuer evidently came to hear of the owner through some 'coincidence'. Well, the dog was returned, the $150.00 reward paid (hey, this was 1960), and the family became whole in full. A happy ending to what could have been a story of sad consequences. Mollie Rogers is now more commonly known as Mother Mary Joseph, foundress of the missionary order of Maryknoll Sisters. Prayers to Mollie succeeded in my case, perhaps in faith, Mr Lehane's beloved pet will be delivered home, too.
MoonBeamWatcher January 05, 2013 at 06:57 PM
Saint Anthony is the one my family uses. "Somethings lost and can't be found, St. Anthony, please look around" Certainly understand the families sadness. Our situation was in reverse: 'found' a dog 20 years ago and put a add in the paper. By the second week "Lady" had bonded with us as we ran the add and received a phone call . . . fear and dread filled our hearts as the woman walked up our front walk . . . on Naples Rd. Lady knew her not, thanks be to God and we ran the add again with fingers crossed. It is my family's hope that your prayers and ours for you are answered. Amen.
Nicole January 11, 2013 at 03:12 AM
Don't stop calling around to vet's offices and animal control. My dog got out once (With her tags) and I called around to all the vet offices in town, as well as the shelter. Called the next day as well. On the third day, we got a call from one of the vet offices saying she was there for two days when someone said they found her on the side of the road and dropped her off. I was amazed!! I spoke to people in that office THREE TIMES and they always said no to having her. I was even more enraged when I went to get her and found out she had been attacked by another dog and hadn't received treatment in that time since the office didn't know who to charge. Incredulous since they were able to find us with the tags she STILL HAD ON. She healed, but obviously I haven't since I'm still enraged by the matter. But back on to the subject matter. I hope Lehane is found safe and sound. As Christina mentioned, maybe someone rescued her and doesn't realize she already has a dad who is looking for her. Make sure any posters that are up aren't obscured with time and new posters. Don't give up hope. I'll be praying for you guys.


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