Splashing Away the Heat: Where to Find Brookline's Spray Pools and Splash Pads

Brookline has 15 parks equipped with water features to help you stay cool this summer.

Sure, Brookline has a wealth of air-conditioned spaces for seeking refuge from the blistering heat, but who wants to spend all week indoors? Check out these Brookline parks for splash pads and fountains that will help you enjoy the summer while keeping off the heat:

  • Billy Ward Playground
  • Clark Playground
  • Coolidge Playground
  • Cypress Street Playground
  • Emerson Garden
  • Warren Field
  • Murphy Playground
  • Juniper Street Playground
  • Lawton Playground
  • Longwood Playground
  • Robinson Playground
  • Pierce School Playground
  • Soule Recreation Center
  • Waldstein Playground
  • Winthrop Square

For more information, go to the Brookline Patch Parks Directory or the website for the Brookline Parks & Open Space Division.


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